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In 2018 we launched a completely new and unique concept – OAXEN SOLO. You go out to dinner by yourself and at the same time you get to meet new and interesting people. It’s not only about tasty food and delicious flavours, it’s a much more exciting way to have dinner.

As one guest commented: ”This was one of the best dining experiences I have had, as a solo diner.” ”Will definitely come back again, whenever I am in town. Cheers!”

SOLO is exclusively for solo-eaters. No dates, no families, no groups of friends. The idea of SOLO is that you come on your own and meet others doing the same. So don’t bring anyone else – just yourself!


What happens when you eat dinner with people you’ve never met before?


Meet 3 solo-eaters


My father always told me I should never travel or do things on my own because he was afraid of what might happen to me – this often influenced the choices I made. However, I’ve become braver with age and now I really look forward to crossing things off my bucket list. I now have the courage to go out and eat on my own – with new people I’ve never met!


Strange that nobody has come up with this before! I love going out and eating well, trying different wines and talking about everything under the sun. When my husband and I went our separate ways, my social circles also disappeared. Going out on my own makes me feel awkward and vulnerable and simply doesn’t feel right. I’m really looking forward to trying out SOLO.


I travel a lot with work, which can be both stimulating and enjoyable but it also means dining out alone which can feel lonely. SOLO is an idea I really welcome – to be able to eat with other people with no other purpose than to enjoy oneself. In my professional life I have to talk a lot; sometimes I just look forward to being able to listen to others.

At SOLO, all solo diners are together

Going out to eat on your own can feel uncomfortable; this is what we want to change. We believe that a dining experience is not just about satisfying the taste buds but that food simply tastes better in the company of others; this is why we have launched SOLO. We believe that all those who wish to should be able to eat out on their own, whatever the reason. Maybe your friends are busy; you might be in Stockholm on business or perhaps you are simply tired of hanging out with the same group of friends.

When: Wednesdays 7.30 pm and Fridays 6 pm
How: The waiter assist where to sit, you will eat the SOLO-menu and choose what to drink.


The food at Oaxen Slip

At Oaxen Slip we serve our own interpretation of Nordic bistro food: deliciously uncomplicated dishes that can be shared with others. The food is characteristically Nordic with exciting raw ingredients sourced from local suppliers. We strive to create genuine Nordic tastes using organic ingredients.


Dinner at OAXEN SOLO will be served Wednesdays at 7.30 pm and Fridays 6pm

At SOLO you will be servered a special SOLO menu and costs 595 SEK. To the menu you choose your beverage.

The dishes will be served on serving platters for sharing around the table. It’s a lot like a big family dinner, with the difference that you will meet your company for the first time.

If you have dietary requirements or some kind of allergy please contact us by mail or phone 08-551 531 05 no later than 1 day in advance.

Find us

Car it is not always easy to drive to Beckholmen. The bridge to Djurgården is often closed during the summer and on public holdays, parking is also very limited on Djurgården and unfortunately we can not offer any guest parking. For up to date information regarding access to Djurgården click here.

Taxis address Beckholmsvägen 26.

Tram #7 from Kungsträdgården/Norrmalmstorg
Bus 67 from Karlaplan
Disembark at Skansen and walk south down Djurgårdsslätten approximately 200 metres to the end of Beckholmsvägen.

Ferry year-round from Slussen and Skeppsholmen, (during summer from Nybroplan)
Disembark at Allmänna Gränd just beside Gröna Lund and walk up the street, after about 50 metres turn right into Lilla Allmänna Gränd and walk approximately 100 metres to the quay, turn left and continue 150 metres along the quayside towards Oaxen Krog & Slip.

Bicycle/On foot from Djurgårdsbron follow Djurgårdsvägen to Skansen, turn right at Djurgårdsslätten, bike/walk another 200 metres to the end of Beckholmsvägen.

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OAXEN SOLO – exclusively for all SOLO-diners

At OAXEN SOLO you will find a new and interesting dining experience alongside others with whom you already have a number of things in common: you have both the courage and the desire to try something new on your own; you want to meet new people and you want to have fun and eat very well.



We only collect your personal information in connection with your reservation at OAXEN SOLO. The information will not be sold or used for any purpose other than informing about Oaxen Krog & Slip and your reservation. The information will only be handled by people working with your reservation. Your information will be saved after your visit only if you explicitly approve.

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We’re so pleased you’re keen to book for OAXEN SOLO! 

Choose OAXEN SOLO from the drop-down menu and then select 1 person. Lastly click on the date and dinner.

There’s a limited number of seats that will be swiftly booked. Should we be fully-booked we refer you to future Wednesdays and Fridays.

We look forward to welcoming you!